Professional E-marketing for Motion Picture and Creative Businesses.

Welcome to Mittomail (Beta)
Gather & manage emails, publish & track email broadcasts

MittoMail is a dynamic new boutique e-mail gathering, management and publishing system developed by the publishers of SHOOT Magazine,, and The SHOOT Publicity Wire.

MittoMail not only enables you to create professional e-mail campaigns, send them to your targeted lists, track your results but MittoMail's system design will integrate email capture technolgy into your ads, emails, publicity news releases, website, and other digital marketing files. And, since we're experts in motion picture industry e-marketing, we'll help you continually learn how to get better results.

MittoMail is being uniquely crafted to meet the marketing needs of entertainment, commercialmaking, filmmaking, TV, and online video production services and products organizations. With cutting-edge e-marketing technology combined with extensive professional publishing assets, reach & experience, MittoMail's expertise is to help clients "connect the dots" between their marketing tools, media, customers, and prospects. Dedicated to servicing the motion picture creative and production communities, MittoMail's market expertise covers a hard-to-reach spectrum of categories including studios, agencies, production & postproduction companies, music and sound companies, film commissions, visual effects & animation, production equipment & rental, and creative talent.

Sales support

The cost of acquiring new customers is continually on the rise. Online search, banner advertising, co-registration, and sales leads from affiliates is becoming more expensive. Advertising in traditional offline media such as magazines, trade shows, and special events can be even more expensive alternatives. The solution is integrating traditonal, online, and email customer acquistion. An additional benefit to this "connect the dots" approach is reengaging customers who no longer respond to direct email only or have fallen off your marketing department's radar. Ideally, industry marketers need a system to help them acquire new customers and provide the right channel to deliver the right message to all their customers. MittoMail, integrated with SHOOT &, continually creates a quantifiable target market generating quality leads, maybe a whole new customer segment over time, enabling organizations to maximize the potential of their web-based communications while lowering the costs to reach their target market and customers.

Market Integration

Much More Than Email Blasts Many email companies can send email newsletters to your customers, manage your email lists, and track campaign performance. Only MittoMail's film and advertising production industry integration with SHOOT & can build your permission-based email lists with highly qualified prospects. With sign-up banners and forms for your website (html or flash), on the site, on banners ads, company emails, and in publicity releases. And because you'll be emailing to highly targeted permission-based contacts—contacts who have asked to receive your emails—your communications will generate better sales.